In Which Dino's Wound Does Things Its Own Way

The nice lady gave me this cool blue sock. Maybe it will fix my leg. 
We last left our intrepid hero with a nasty laceration that seemed to be healing suspiciously well.


I was looking forward to getting Dino's staples and stitches removed at the 10 day mark, and hoping that I'd be able to hunt him the weekend following their removal.

Aaaaand then out of nowhere the wound started a phase in the healing process that should have happened 3 days into things vs. 9 days after it was stitched, developed proud flesh that busted the sutures open, and got a bit oozy and infected.

NOT what I wanted to see the day before sutures were supposed to come out! But after it  was cleaned you can see it's not too bad. 
Thankfully my vet was already scheduled to come take the sutures out, so we didn't have to wait long to get it taken care of.

While both my vet and I are rightly disappointed in this turn that the wound is taking, it still isn't too horrible in the grand scheme of things. It has done quite a lot of healing from the inside out, the more open part of the wound is scabbing over beautifully, and the proud flesh isn't so far developed that it can't be reined in at this point.

With a new protocol of wrapping, antibiotics, and taking things day-by-day as the wound continues healing, Dino should be right as rain in no time. In the meantime, I've got so much more time to devote to Sully's continuing torture education, which I'm sure he'll appreciate.



  1. ouch Dino! I am glad you and your vet have a handle on it. But ouch. I am glad you have Sully to ride but Dino getting out of the lovely fall riding, he is one smart cookie!! I hope next update is that all is good and he is released to ride ;) (and Dino doesnt do anything halfassed)

  2. Awww Dino. tell your wound to get with the program! Ick. but at least the vet was coming anyway and now you're back on top of things. Hopefully it heals up ASAP!

  3. Ugh, that's so disappointing! Proud flesh can be a real PITA. Rio once got it on his foot and it was a total nightmare. I didn't even know that could happen through the hoof. Evidently yes.
    I hope it goes back to healing properly and quickly!

  4. Ugghh. Stan has a nasty remaining scar due to proud flesh - hopefully Dino's will sort out and be right as rain super soon.

  5. Girl, I feel these feels. Dino, get er done!!

  6. ughhhhh c'mon Dino, the hunt field beckons!!!!

  7. Oh poor Dino. Although it might be better that it's healing this way to make sure that it fully heals. :) (trying the glass half-full approach).

  8. Ugh noooooo!! I hate it when that happens. I hope you can get back to those hunt fields soon tho!

  9. Glad you have a good plan. Wounds are so temperamental.

  10. Ouch! Dino! Well, looks like you guys are back on track for healing. Fingers crossed it happens quickly!


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