2Pointober 2017 WINNERS!

October absolutely FLEW by, and here we find ourselves in November with the WINNERS of 2Pointober 2017! Before we get to the good stuff, here are some rather impressive numbers to sum up the competition: 

Stats & Accolades: 

17 Riders doubled their baselines or better

- Average longest time spent in 2pt position was 8 minutes
- That's quadruple the average baseline time of 2 minutes
- Total sum of all riders' longest times was over 3.5 hours

Those of you who gave the challenge a shot this year deserve a major pat on the back. And especially those of you who kept on working, week after week, burning muscles and all, toward your own improved strength and ability as riders -- Y'all are basically heroes. Well done!

RiderBlogBaselineMax Time% Improved
AmandaBel Joeor0:258:121,868%
Anxious EventerAnxious Eventer2:362:360%
Bee TeaRiding to B3:003:000%
BethA Truby in Tucson0:231:51383%
BrittA House on a Hill5:045:040%
ChelseyHorseback Writing2:472:470%
Emily Frank5:3819:40249%
FigTopaz Dreams0:071:03800%
J. AlexanderIt's Cosmic2:00
KaityThe Repurposed Horse4:079:15125%
KateRosePeace & Carrots2:242:240%
KCThe Pilgrim Chronicles2:3721:49734%
L WilliamsViva Carlos5:25
Laura Anne1:112:0576%
MandyThe Everything Pony3:008:00167%
MeganPhoebe the Freebie0:204:031,115%
Megan KGo Big or Go Home3:133:130%
MollyOne Bud Wiser2:095:46168%
Nadia3day adventures with horses4:4023:26402%
NiamhMisadventures of a girl and her OTTB2:433:1721%
Nicole SharpZen Baby1:581:580%
OliviaDIY Horse Ownership1:171:170%
SaraThe Roaming Rider0:324:38769%
SarahOAutonomous Dressage2:052:050%
SarahWMy Red Mare2:002:000%
TeresaJourney with a Dancing Horse1:448:40400%
TracyFly On Over1:451:450%

For your efforts, please right click on the below Participation Ribbon Badge to save it for upload and display on your blog's sidebar or in a post!

We'd also like to take a moment to congratulate the Top 5 Finishers for each division:

Longest Time
 Most Improved
RiderBlog RiderBlog
Nadia3day adventures with horsesMeganPhoebe the Freebie
KCThe Pilgrim ChroniclesFigTopaz Dreams
Emily Frank  SaraThe Roaming Rider

Congrats to you too - and please grab the below Ribbon Badge recognizing your extreme prowess at holding your two point position for longer and longer times!

And finally, we'd like to congratulate our 2017 Two Point Challenge Champions and Reserve Champions for Longest Time and Most Improved:

Longest Time Most Improved
RiderBlog RiderBlog
L WilliamsViva CarlosAlexTheHorseDream
J. AlexanderIt's CosmicAmandaBel Joeor

Champions and Reserve Champions - each and every one of you laid down a very impressive longest time! My hat is off to both L. Williams and J. Alexander for lasting a muscle-melting 40+ minutes, you're both rock stars! 

And special congrats to Alex and Amanda for proving why this practice is so valuable by blowing their original baselines out of the water to finish with very respectable 8+ minute finishes. Way to go!

In addition to your Ribbon Badges, please get in touch with me via the contact form on my blog (menu to the left!) or Facebook or email if you prefer, to claim your real life omg so awesome prizes!!!!!

Thanks again to all of the 2017 participants for sharing in on this excellent community challenge to be the strongest riders we can possibly be! I hope you enjoyed following along, and especially hoped that you maybe found a few new blogs in the process! Be sure to check out all of this year's participants linked in the table above!


  1. woooooo yay congrats everybody!!!!! hopefully everyone gets a nice relaxing soak (with maybe some NSAIDs and a glass of wine haha) now that the month has closed!


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