Bel Joeor Blog Hop: How Are You Clipping This Year?

Why hello meet my stank-eyed poorly-conformed backyard-bred stock horse.
Dino got his hairs did a couple weeks ago right before the event derby, since we had some weirdly unseasonable warm weather and he was sweating buckets almost every ride. I opted for a kind of modified Irish clip, since I like to leave him with as much hair as I can get away with because he lives outside and I prefer not to spend all my money on blankets when he comes with his own yak pelt already installed.

I may extend it to more of a trace clip if needed, but I'm going to see how Dino fares with his current style now that the weather is acting more appropriately.

I'm also totally down to clip something cool into his butt if anyone has suggestions! I haven't been able to think of just the right design.


  1. I don't clip because mine don't really get enough winter work to justify the effort, haha. But I really love seeing all the cool designs people come up with!

  2. I will clip soon, but I'm trying to wait as long as possible. I haven't been riding super regularly (for me) and since it's a PITA for BO to handle blanketing, I don't want to unduly burden her.

    But long hair is gross and it's totally worth the $ in blankets to me to not deal with it.

  3. Ok so embarrassing moment here..but for awhile I thought his name was dy-no. And well I'd love to see a dinosaur on his butt lol

    1. Yes to the DINOSAURUS on his Gluteus Maximus :D

  4. lol @ yak pelt. I need to follow this one. I'm going to do a chase clip of some kind this year because I'm tired of screwing up trace clips at the flank. Seriously. I wish I had the skillz to do something on the butt!!!

    I have not yet clipped yet even tho his highness is a puffball bc I am not riding so he can just deal. Also its really cute and soft :P

  5. This is about the same clip that Katai has right now. Strangely enough I'm also thinking of clipping something into her butt.

    Don't tell my very traditional dressage instructor ;)

  6. I usually only clip for finals and then let them fuzz up a bit since I don't get to ride much once winter comes. But lately, I've been kind of considering clipping my retired horse cause so much hair! Likely though, I won't be doing that.
    Dino looks adorable in his current clip! Hopefully you can stick with it. Maybe you should put Dino from the Flintstones on his butt?


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