Beast Mode: 2Pointober 2015

Well folks, October, and thus the annual 2Pointober contest, are officially over!

While I didn't update on my weekly progress, I did try and work on my two point for short periods during every jumping or hack ride this month. Over the weekend, I needed to really go for it and get my final time, so I headed out for trot and canter sets with the determination to 2Point until I dropped.

And I did!

My final time this year blows last year's time out of the water:


I also almost fell over when I got off my pony at the end, and was really sore the next day, but I feel pretty darn accomplished! All of the XC, conditioning, and trail riding I've done this year have really paid off in the 2Point fitness department! I hope everyone who participated this year had fun (as much fun as you can have while your feet fall asleep in the stirrups and your thighs burn like the fires of hell) and got stronger!


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