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Our only outfit
I must be the worst eventer in the world, because I essentially have one set of tack.

I mean, yeah, I have a "backup" english bridle that I bought for $50 full price while I was in college that is a complete POS that I keep around for emergencies, and I have a western bridle to go with the western saddle, but I school and show in essentially the same stuff, and ride dressage and jumping phases in the same saddle.

Because I'll take any excuse to use this photo
On Dino's Pretty Face we have the Nunn Finer Ravenna Hunter Bridle with fancy-stitched laced reins. Long story short I actually got this bridle for free (I have friends in high places) and really love it. The leather is nice, it's a padded monocrown style, and the stitching and padding is just enough to compliment Dino's refined head. I also have a pair of Nunn Finer Soft-Grip rubber reins (also free!), but I really detest rubber, so the super huntery laced reins are my go-to. He is currently going in a plain old SS French-Link Eggbutt bit. No breastplate or martingale of any kind.

So expensive even used, SO worth it. 
For my Big Butt we have the Prestige Eventing Saddle - a forward-flap jumping saddle that has a good enough balance for effective flatwork as well. Underneath the saddle, Dino wears a Fleeceworks half pad on top of whatever color of AP square pad strikes my fancy. I have a lot of them. Because colors are fun.

Attaching the saddle to my Noble Steed is the TSF Shoulder Relief Girth. I really love this thing!

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man
For my feet, I have ancient plain Fillis irons attached to custom stirrup leathers made by Gary Mundy. They are a BIT too short, I should have had them made an inch or two longer, but they're beautiful and durable.

Depending on my mood and what we're doing that day, he either wears coordinating polo wraps, open front boots (Tekna or T-Boots), or splint/XC boots (Woof or no-name neoprene splints) on his legs.

And that's it! Pretty basic, nothing crazy, nothing super trendy, and while my style definitely screams more "hunter-jumper" than "eventer" I think it's a classy, always-appropriate look that can take me anywhere.


  1. Don't mess w success right? He looks great in that setup and I love your saddle!!

  2. I think I have that same bridle!! Nothing better than a fluffy fleeceworks. I'm sad I sold mine :(


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