Achievement Unlocked

It hit me the other day that within the first 6 months of 2015, I've already hit my one major goal for the year: running Beginner Novice at an event. I also competed at a new venue, which was another thing I wanted to do this year to help expand my horizons and increase my confidence.

So after some back-pats, where do we go from here? What's the next goal to reach for?

While we did complete a horse trial at this new level, there is still more work to be done! I don't just want to barely hang on, I want to be truly competitive. Here's how I'm framing out the goals for the rest of my competition season at BN:
  • Score 35 or under in dressage. I KNOW that we have better scores in us, somewhere!
  • Finish on our dressage score.
  • Finish in the top 3 at a HT.
  • Ride forward and smooth stadium rounds. 
  • Get comfortable and confident over bigger XC jumps and more technical questions.
I would like to at least be making headway on each of these goals by the end of our season in October or November. They are all absolutely attainable, but all present a challenge that Dino and I are going to have to work at. I might not reach all of these goals this year, but I think that's a sign that I've set good ones. Good goals should make you reach. While some of them are a little nebulous, like "getting comfortable" over the BN XC questions, I think they're still an integral part of the bigger overall goals, so I included them in the list.

Here goes nothing!

And we'll DEFINITELY be sporting this sweet new saddle pad from Jenn at a HT soon!


  1. Jenn is the absolute best!!!! And I'm pretty sure having such awesome gear means you're even more likely to beast through those goals. It just makes sense.

  2. aw that saddle pad is so sweet! also i think you will definitely make these goals a reality - and perhaps sooner than you think ;) but really, like you say it's already been an incredible year for you two - congrats!


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