We're All A Little Mad Here

Insanity, or dedication? You decide.


Yesterday afternoon when I went out to the barn, it was about 20 degrees. Not ideal, but not unusually horrific. I had big plans to take Dino for a spin down the road to our favorite snow-covered field and have a productive condition-maintaining walk. It was still light out! I was optimistic! I was dressed warmly! WE HAD A SNAZZY QUARTER SHEET.

Ok, so maybe the pony size is just a liiiiiittle small...
My thought process here was that my friends up in Canada deal with WAY worse for WAY longer, my pony won't stay fit just sitting around stuffing his face, and the footing was great for a good power-walk. So I tacked up. I also banged His Highness' tail pretty short to avoid frozen mud dreadlocks and tail breakage, and I'm not yet sure whether it looks eventery and sporty, or whether it just looks like "why the heck did you cut your pony's tail off?" I'll take pictures later to get everyone's opinion.


I got on and we made our way down the drive. Dino was on High Alert. It went a little something like this...


Me: They are the same trashcans that are at the end of the driveway all the time. Let's go, dude.


Me: They're trashcans. They are not sentient beings.

Dino: THEY MIGHT BE. You'll thank me when we survive their attack because of my vigilance.

Me: Whatever. Let's cross the road.

Dino: Fine. But if the trashcans kill us, it's your fault.

Not even halfway to our destination, the forecasted 20mph winds kicked up. Lovely. Mr. Unflappable suddenly transformed into the Ultimate Spookmonster, and was snorting his way down the lane, casting highly suspicious glances at every mailbox, trash can, and branch blowing in the wind.

It was at this point that my face began to tingle in cold-induced pain and I lost all feeling in my lower body. My Not-Worth-It-O-Meter went off, and I decided to turn around and head home. Dino apparently thought this was a GREAT idea, and booked it all the way back to the barn.

Only later did I discover that the wind chill at that point in the day was approximately Zero.

I am questioning my sanity.

I will also now be hiding in my house until the weekend, when it "warms up" to 30 degrees.


  1. I'd say that's dedication, sprinkled with a light coating of insanity :) I love your conversation with Dino about the trashcans though, they are suspicious!

  2. Dedication! Too bad that's not the kind that goes over the rider's legs. My quarter sheet is just a bit too big and I am looking to trade it for a pony one, but I need to be able to take it off after he's warmed up.

    1. It IS actually!! I wasn't planning on taking it off and thought I might trot or something, (HAHAHA) so I stuffed it under the back of my saddle, under the flaps, and velcroed it in the front. Do you want to trade?! I can take measurements to see if it will fit Connor, I think he's a wee bit smaller than Dino. D's nearly 14.1 1/2, and Connor's right at 14hh, right?

  3. While I absolutely LOVE this blog and have it bookmarked so I can read it every day, I do have one request: one or two guest appearances by my favorite fuzzy brown man, please. ;)

  4. I warm up over jumps with my quarter sheet over my legs. That thing rarely gets tucked under my saddle flaps. Warmth over movable thighs any day of the week, son.

    1. I just feel so claustrophobic! Maybe if my quarter sheet was like, 6" longer it would be better...

  5. 20f degrees is wonderful riding weather, come join us in Ontario for the -7f (before windchill), now that SUCKS! Lol.

    I also have to say that I, personally, am a big fan of banged and clipped tails. Especially on those bushy tails. You must post photos so we can admire

  6. Trashcans are always suspicious! This weather has all the horses on high alert. Even Guinness King of the Steady and Mindblowingly Toe Dragging Walks was shaking his head, striking out, and taking off with me on Sunday. Nutters, all of them!

    I don't mind riding when it's this cold, as long as I can keep my feet from freezing. Once I lose feeling in one of my feet, the game is over!

  7. lol the best laid plans... and i know exactly what you mean about the 'not-worth-it meter' and mine has been dinging along all week. ain't no way i'm gonna try riding around the roads at nighttime.. booo winter!

  8. THIS!!! I also am hiding in my house and waiting for it to "warm up" to the 30's again. On the plus side, it is now still light out at 4:45 PM. C'MON SPRING!!!

  9. Dedicated! Imma go ahead and peg this as dedicated... not crazy ;)

  10. I love love love banged tails! The fact that we can't see the end in your picture means it is not too short. Pics, please!

  11. Dino's cookie faces are just too much! keep them coming.

  12. You can borrow my winter riding suit. it's in my trunk. Really, feel free to try it, you will be toasty.


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