Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 1 Recap

Though I'm not actually weighing in every week (True confessions: I don't own a scale), I want to blog about how I did with my fitness plan weekly to help keep myself on track. Checking in once a month would invite too much slacking.

How did I do?

Eating Right - WIN. It's taken a ton of self-control, but I didn't eat any unnecessary snacks, my meals consisted largely of fresh veggies and lean protein, I kept portion sizes under control, and limited my sugar intake to some sweetened creamer in my coffee in the morning. I also only indulged in an adult beverage on the weekend. Success!

Exercise - WIN. While I didn't do some sort of insane, hardcore workout every day, I DID do something active. Whether that was riding, working hard at the barn, going for a run, or doing a half hour Pilates workout on my living room floor, I did at least one physically demanding activity every day. If it makes my muscles at least a little sore, it counts in my book!

Week One was a resounding success, hopefully I can keep it up!

As I mentioned last week, I LOVE food and I LOVE to cook. Since a bunch of us are making the effort to eat better, would anyone be interested in healthy, delicious recipes? I would be more than happy to do a food-centric post now and then if people would appreciate that.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. YES to the food-centric post! POST ALL THE NOMS :)

  2. Off to a good start!

  3. Yay! Congrats on the good week! (Full disclosure, I don't own a scale either. Non scale owners, UNITE!)

  4. Way to go! And yes to food posts, I've been thinking about sharing some recipes as well :-)

  5. Awesome!

    And yes! DH is trying to lose weight, and I eat like crap despite being a vegetarian so food-centric posts would be awesome! :)

  6. Bring on the food! I mean... healthy recipes. :)

  7. I'm always interested in healthy recipes. I don't cook as much as I should!

  8. Great job!! Focusing on behavior rather than results has helped me stay on track. =)

  9. Ugh, you did better than I did. Winter blues make everything even harder :(

    1. Girl, I feel you! January is really getting under my skin these past couple days. We're halfway through winter, though!

  10. congrats on a good first week!


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