The Best Kind of Tuesday

I'm spamming y'all with blog posts today!

The best kind of Tuesday happens when your husband comes home from the office with two saddles and a girth.

Yes, you heard correctly.

Check out my haul!

One of Michael's coworkers knows we are an equestrian household, and gave him this tack. His wife used to ride, but stopped after her horse passed away, and all this stuff was just going to live in his dank, damp basement, so he decided to give it to my husband.

Fine by me!

The girth, which is a lovely leather BT Crump, is 44" and I will be keeping it, since it's beautiful and Dino-sized. Both saddles will be going up for sale as soon as I get a chance to clean them up!

The english saddle is a 16.5" Barnsby AP, and it's in surprisingly awesome condition for its age. This thing is likely at least 20 years old, and the leather is in beautiful shape. Still nice and supple, no cracking, not dry, really lovely! It needs a good cleaning, but that's it. It's going to be a super first saddle or lesson saddle for someone!

The western saddle unfortunately doesn't have any brand marked on it, but it's a decent-quality roping (I think?) saddle. The leather on this one is a bit dry, so it's going to need some love and conditioning before it goes to a new home. Both saddles were clearly well-kept by the previous owner. I'm excited to make them really beautiful again and be able to pass them on to someone else, plus making a few hundred bucks is always nice!

The best kind of Tuesday also ends with JUMPING 3'3 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER AND NOT BEING SCARED. Withers-meet-stomach. As I was re-setting my fences from crossrails to verticals, I failed to really take note of the fact that whoever adjusted the jumps made the second fence of the 2-stride a crossrail with the ends at 3'3, and I just made it a vertical without moving the cups. I just kind of said to myself, "Oh, that's kind of big. Meh." and left it as it was.

And we jumped it.

And it was awesome! I felt confident, Dino felt confident, and it was spectacular. Even before I tackled that monster, the 2'9 fences I jumped felt easy.

We are SO ready to show on Sunday.


  1. The western is definitely a roping saddle! Looks really nice!

    1. Thanks for the clarification! I was thinking it was a roping saddle because of the thick, wrapped horn, but I wasn't 110% sure! It is a decent saddle, just needs some love. Let me know if you know anyone who could use it!

    2. Will do! If I could actually afford it, I would totally be interested in the english but buying 20+ acres has wiped my fam out, haha! Where are you located? A friend of mine is on the search for a western. :)

    3. Well if you change your mind - I'm not asking much for it! I'm in Eastern PA, the western saddle looks to be about a 16" but I haven't measured yet, and not sure on whether it has QH or SQH bars. I need to give it a good cleaning and oiling and then it'll be good to go!

    4. Okay! I'll let her know!! And sigh....don't tempt me. Must be good, must be good, hahaha! I just splurged on a very expensive pad but ahhhh.... ;)


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