"My Name Is Dino And I Am The Best At Shedding Out Awkwardly"

REALLY, Homeboy?! 

When your BFF is a Cushingoid equine, shedding season is always... interesting. And generally lasts a bit longer for you than for everyone else in the world. It seems Dino has decided to grow in his summer coat from front to back this year. That's cool. At least there is a summer coat under all that fluff instead of the raging baldness we had a few weeks ago. You will also notice the super-attractive grazing muzzle rubs. I think I've finally figured out the halter-adjustment, muzzle-strap-placement configuration that will rub the least; now I just have to wait for the rubs to grow in. Sigh. 

And remember his incredibly-akward naked shoulders and chest? They have soft, shiny, beautiful hair on them now! 

You'd never even know he was recently horrifically bald! And the rest of his winter coat is definitely thinning considerably, so he'll be just fine in the shedding department this year. He just has to do it in his own special way. And I also just refuse to body clip him right now.

On Monday D and I ventured down the road to do some conditioning work in the big field. I have to say, it was awesome. I'm not sure how long we were out there, but the field is pretty big, about 5 or 6 acres, and is sloped up one side, so it automatically throws some hill work in there, too. We did three times around each way at the trot, and then I made my pony canter some too, even though he was really tired from the trotting! At one point we're just cantering through this giant, grassy, gorgeous field, a breeze is rippling through the grass, the sun is shining, and I feel the smile on my face get bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Nothing compares to moments like that! And I absolutely love having a pony that I can just hit the road on, and not have to worry about him spooking or running away or doing anything silly. We trust each other, and that's pretty amazing.

Yesterday was jump school day. Dino was doing his whole "I have to poop so clearly I cannot respond to your requests to go forward" thing. He declined to poop when I gave him the chance, so he just had to keep going. Too bad. We had to have several conversations with Mr. Sticky in order to create a suitable canter before I let him jump anything. Also, high fives to me for creating a suitable canter instead of just pointing my pony at a jump and hoping that will create impulsion for me!

My course was pretty random height-wise, ranging from 2'3 to 2'9. Dino was a total rockstar over everything, all of our distances were spot-on, AND we jumped a 2'9 vertical on a crazy angle, ON PURPOSE.

I am starting to feel like we are badass jumpers again. It's a really good feeling.

Our right-to-left lead change is still sticky, but I know that will smooth out as that tricky right stifle gets stronger. For now I'm just trying to get him to land on the left lead instead of using a change. I'm already getting excited to show again on the 25th!


  1. He sheds out almost JUST LIKE my sweet itch horse. Have you tried the listerine mix on him and MTG? Works like a charm for hair growth and keeping the hair on the body when you want it there, haha!

    1. He sheds out funny because he has Cushing's, no skin problems. :)


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