Screw This, I'm Leaving

Alternate title: Let's Talk About That Time My Pony Jumped Out Of The Round Pen

Alternate title: Dino - The Pony Who Hated Snow

Today I decided to work Dino in the round pen for a while since he hasn't been getting regular turnout and homeboy just needs to MOVE. He doesn't really like the deep, crusty snow, but my idea is to get him used to it in the round pen so I can eventually ride him in it.

Here he expresses his displeasure with the conditions:

And here he gets his groove on. You will see that he makes an impressive rollback turn at each end of the "good" footing in order to avoid the deep snow in the other half of the pen:

Did you notice the section of fence with the top rail down?

After I took the second video, I was trying to push Dino through to the deeper footing so he could start to gain some confidence there, and instead he decided that snow was stupid, and he was just going to leave.

So he jumped out of the round pen.

He then proceeded to prance around like a wild Arabian stallion with his tail flipped up over his back, and when I finally caught up with him he trotted right over to me and said, "DID YOU SEE ME JUMP THAT WAS SO COOL RIGHT!?"

Yep. That happened.


  1. Oh Dino. Sounds like you need a vacation just as much as Miles and I!

    1. Girl, you have NO IDEA!! Let's both ship down to FL for a few weeks, ok? Meet you there.

  2. You're header was right, he has so much personality! Here's to hoping all the snow blows away, does not melt and leave giant puddles everywhere to freeze, and the ground thaws sloowly so we can transition smoothly into spring.


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