In Which I Whine About My First World Problems

WARNING: Obnoxious, whiney post ahead. Proceed with caution.

I feel like I'm never going to ride again.

Yesterday I went out to the barn with the intention of getting on my pony and RIDING, DAMMIT, even if that just meant power-walking through the snow in the ring. I did, in fact, get on my pony and "ride". It only happened to last about five minutes because the snow is still so dang deep, icy, and dense that it was a monumental effort for Dino to even walk through it. Forget powerwalking, he was struggling just to walk, period. A couple times he stopped and said, "Um, I think we're stuck."

So I got off and called it quits, since I had to bring in the rest of the horses and feed them anyway.

Oh, and this was AFTER I ripped a hole in my favorite winter breeches. Now I have to sew them.

We're also headed back to "normal" winter temps in the 20's and 30's for the foreseeable future, so that means minimal, if any, snow melt.

I feel like all of the good work we did this past summer and fall is now GONE, and we stand no hope of actually improving this year. Plus my poor pony is BORED OUT OF HIS LITTLE MIND and actually wants to work, but I have nowhere to work him.



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