Confessions of a Grooming Supply 'Ho: Shedding Season

Here in the equestrian blogosphere, there are a lot of self-proclaimed tack 'hos.

Y'all just can't control yourselves when it comes to horse boots, bridles, saddle pads, and the like.

I have a similar affliction, but it revolves around grooming supplies.

I already own what Rachel refers to as my "grooming arsenal," and generally agree that I really don't need any more brushes, combs, or shedding devices.

BUT I WANT THEM. So badly.

When I walk into a tack shop, after perusing the clearance racks and oohing and ahhing over new breeches, saddle pads, and riding shirts, I will inevitably head to the grooming supply section and start fondling brushes.

It's a problem.

Especially when it comes to curries/jelly scrubbers/shedding blades/grooming blocks. My pony is basically a wooly heathen, and shedding him out in the springtime becomes a bit of an intensely obsessive process. I own approximately 6 curries. Yes I realize this is excessive, but to be perfectly honest I actually wear them out and rub the teeth down to flat little nubs by using them so much.

Here are some of my favorites:

The "Monster Curry"

This thing is just badass. It weighs literally about a pound, and gives me a great arm workout while I'm using it. It also does a phenomenal job of tackling a shedding pony, as well as breaking up clumps of dried mud. It's my favorite to use on the neck and hindquarters.

The Shed Flower

Love, love, LOVE this! It's made of hard plastic instead of rubber, and the little pointy teeth act like a tiny shedding blade. I love using this one on a slightly damp/sweaty horse, the teeth really pull out a lot of hair.

The Jelly Scrubber

A jelly scrubber is a necessity for leg and face grooming, in my opinion. You just can't go all gung-ho on these bony body parts with just any curry, but they still need to shed out. That's where the jelly scrubber comes in. The softer texture and fine fingers do a nice job de-fuzzing sensitive areas without being uncomfortable or risking bruising. It also works well as a nice all-over curry on a shorter summer coat.

Slick 'N Easy Grooming Block

This is my go-to tool for getting rid of the winter dandruff and other scuzz, however it doesn't work until your horse is really blowing his coat. If they're at the stage of shedding where they're just starting to let go of a few hairs, you don't want to even bother with the block. Once they are in full-blown shed mode, this block is great. I go through at least one a season.

Also in my rotation are a classic round rubber curry and a metal shedding blade. I've also tried my dog's FURminator comb on Dino, but I just wasn't pleased with the results, plus he hated it.

Unless you body clip or have a horse who practically doesn't grow a winter coat, It's my personal opinion that you NEED several different curries. Each one removes hair in a slightly different way, making your grooming more effective.

All of this psycho-currying also makes my pony REALLY SHINY, and will make yours shiny, too!

What are your must-have tools for shedding season?


  1. I love my good ol' fashioned shedding blade. Could't make it through spring without it!

  2. Oh love the shedding flower! I have a round shedding blade thing but I always feel like it's too severe.

  3. I like the jelly scrubber and slick n' easy's myself.

  4. I'll be on the lookout for new grooming products for Mr. Sensitive Skin AKA Miles. I've never tried the shedding flower, so I might need to pick that up!


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