Pre-Clip Floof:

Sleek and Hairless:

Max needed one more haircut before I let him grow out his winter fluffs, and I have to say it's the best job on his face & feet I've done yet! I keep forgetting to stretch the skin over his body, so there are some uneven patches there, but overall I'm pleased with his hairdo. The new Oster A6's did a phenomenal job, though they got REALLY hot REALLY fast on the "3" speed setting. I want to invest in a second set of blades to be able to switch out as they get toasty.

Big Brother Dino is still feeling pretty "meh". He was doing a bit better when I rode him on Saturday morning, but yesterday afternoon after a damp, oncoming-storm day of standing around in his shed he felt pretty crappy again, and gave me a lot of 'tude. I started him on Conquer HA gel to see if that makes a positive difference and to test out HA supplementation for him. Vet comes out tomorrow. We'll see.

And, deal of the week, consignment PONY-SIZE Weatherbeeta hunter & navy plaid quarter sheet for... wait for it... $15.

I am so good.


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