A First!

Dino and I had a great ride today, despite what felt like 150% humidity.

He made a fantastic effort in the extreme mugginess, and worked so well for me. Even when he was getting tired and falling on his forehand, homeboy rallied and picked us back up for a bit more solid, balanced work. That's my little man!

We also had a first today. For the first time ever, I was able to ask for a canter depart using mostly my seat.

This is HUGE for us! It's a vast difference from the "kick & pray" canter depart I've utilized over the past three years, and demonstrates an amount of focus, balance, fitness, and trust Dino and I have never had before. It's been so exciting to see our progression over the past two weeks! He was also able to hold a collected canter for a lap and a half in both directions, which I'm not sure was because of his improved fitness or my insistence that he hold himself up!

My own fitness has definitely improved since I started concentrating on SITTING the canter instead of hovering, and while my abs are seriously sore after every ride, I can feel them getting stronger day by day. We have a dressage show planned for late July, and will hopefully be getting back in the jumper ring soon as well.

In other news, a Riding With Confidence clinic with Dr. Jenny Susser has been scheduled for October 19-20, 2013!! If you are interested in riding or auditing, please leave me a comment with any questions you have and I can get you the information you need.


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