If you know me, you know that I love SmartPak!

What started out as a really clever way to feed and organize dietary supplements for horses soon became the go-to place for everything anyone could possibly need for their pony. Supplements, tack, barn equipment, blankets, riding clothes, you need it, SmartPak's got it.

And SmartPak's got what you need at a good price. No crazy mark-ups, and their sale prices are actually a good deal, not what you'd expect to pay anyway like other companies' "sale" prices. SmartPak offers discounts for USEF members as well as freeeeee shipping for orders over $75, FREE shipping for supplemets that use their SmartPak system over $40, freefreefree shipping on returns for all sized items, and fah-REE shipping of SmartPaks to your barn! Does shipping for catalog and online shopping even get any better??

The thing that really impresses me the most, though, is SmartPak's customer service. The ladies on the other end of the phone REALLY know their stuff, and go seriously above and beyond to help their customers. I recently ordered a pair of custom full chaps for Michael, and when they came in it turned out that we had measured him wrong (whoops!) and we couldn't even zip them down to his knees. Unsure of whether or not they could be returned since they had been made-to-order, I emailed SmartPak and was graciously told that they would exchange the chaps for ones in the correct size, no problem. They sent me a return shipping label at no cost to me, and in a few weeks we had a pair of gorgeous, correctly-sized chaps with no extra fuss. Yay!

The people at SmartPak are constantly listening to their customers and improving their products and services accordingly. It seems like every few weeks they come out with a brilliant new program or phenomenal new piece of merchandise.

You, too, can share the SmartPak love! Find 'em on Facebook or go straight to the source: www.smartpakequine.com and discover for yourself why SmartPak is DOMINATING the equestrian retail industry.

*While I DO have a friend who works there, (hi, Becky!) SmartPak is in no way sponsoring this post, I JUST LOVE THEM A WHOLE LOT!!


  1. The only thing I don't like about working there is that I can't write anything like this... :) I just feel too bias now!

  2. If only they shipped to Canada...


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