Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

While Dino is busy having PSSM flare-ups and tying up and being all sorts of punky while I try and figure out where it all went wrong, Max has been having the time of his little life.

ahhh the wind in my nose-tufts!
We went to the mountains this past weekend to have some Labor Day fun, and Max pretty much had the absolute Best Weekend Ever In The History Of The World. He got to go for rides in the gator and Michael's ATV, play ball with everyone, run around the fields, run around the woods, ride in trucks, play in the river, go for long walks, chew sticks, hunt bugs, go to a bonfire, and get really really dirty. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

I'm so glad he is turning out to be such a solid little citizen and a good traveler as well! It's a great feeling knowing I can just toss my pup in the truck and go for an adventure without a whole lot of hoopla and stress. Wherever the wind takes us, Max goes too! Long-term plans for this little dude include certifying him as a therapy dog so he can spread love and cuddles to even more people. But for now, he's just having a blast and being totally adorable.

P.S. Dino is OK! He had a minor tie-up episode on Friday that literally resolved in about 10 mins, but I'm looking into some additional supplements and going back to an increased amount of walk work to help him out a bit. Here goes a week of bareback riding around the farm!


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