Over the weekend my good friends, bridesmaids, and partners-in-crime Cristina and Sarah came for a visit. Cristina lives in Manhattan and is generally very deprived of fresh air, trees, open fields, and furry four-legged friends. She's also on her fourth year out of the saddle (how she survives I haven't a clue) so naturally I aggressively insisted that she come play with Max and hop on Dino for a quick spin.

I can't express to you how happy it made me to see her enjoying Max and finally back on a horse again! Cristina's smile absolutely made my day. She got on Dino and was instantly lighter, more joyful, and totally at home on my rockstar pony. There is something about being able to share my life and my animals with others that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. When Michael and I have our own farm, my hope is to be able to get one or two quiet lesson-type horses expressly for this purpose, so my friends and family can enjoy them!

Horses are such a gift, and one I love to give.

And now, thanks to Michael's sick photo-taking-and-editing-skillz, we finally have PICTURES FROM OUR LAST SHOW!!

LOVE how Michael captured the definition in his muscling in this one!

Yeah, I think he's ready for the 2'9 division, don't you?


Again, look at the muscling in his neck! Gorgeous.

On a more disappointing note, the show I was planning on attending this weekend was cancelled "due to unforseen circumstances." We hope to be back in the show ring and moving up a division by mid-August!


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