In addition to inconvenient activities like developing Cushing's and going lame (AND getting an abscess AND developing weird muscle diseases... I'll update y'all on that later!), Dino has taken to traveling.

He has decided that the confines of his pasture and dry lot are rather beneath him, and has been seeking out every downed fence board, gap, and low spot, intent on escaping the doldrums of farm life.

He has succeeded at least four times.

Once he and Toby took a midnight cruise after discovering that the gap between the last fence post and their run-in shed was just large enough for one pony and one skinny Thoroughbred to fit through. They were discovered the next morning happily grazing outside the fence. Like the innovative barn girls we are, we fixed the gap with baling twine.

More recently, having eaten all of his hay and bored out of his mind since Toby was in a stall inside recovering from a bad cut, Dino scoured the fenceline of the dry lot for a weak point, knocked down two boards, climbed over them, climbed over THE ENTIRE 7FT TALL COMPOST PILE, wandered into the barn, and ripped open and devoured three bags of Petey's special pre-bagged grain.* Thankfully Rachel found him at this point, put him in a stall, and let me know that my pony had just eaten about six times what he usually eats in a day. My stomach turned over and I thought, surely, he WILL COLIC after gorging himself like that. I raced to the barn as fast as I could after work, to find a perfectly healthy, eating, drinking, pooping, bright-eyed pony standing in the spare stall.

I smiled. I glared. I felt relief. I felt shock. I gave Dino a new nickname:

"Bad Pony."

*Petey's Mom - I'm so sorry. I owe you some new grain.


  1. Haha I can't wait to meet this scamp.

  2. "Bad Pony" which he now responds to along with his normal name Dino


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