It Isn't "Goodbye" So Much As It's "See You Later"

As I write this very post, Rachel and Toby are packing up to move.

Dino and I are very, VERY sad.

Rachel just graduated college this spring (way to go!) and is moving home to live with her parents so she can save money and get on her feet a bit, like a lot of people do. Unfortunately, home for Rachel is not Bucks County.

I'm not sure what we'll do without our trail buddies, without someone to chat with while I groom or clean the shed, and without a friend to sit in the grass and laugh with on summer nights long after the horses are taken care of.

Thankfully they will at least be within reasonable driving distance, and we already have plans to meet up at a horse show, hunter pace, or event in the future, so while we will miss them, this isn't goodbye forever.

Best of luck, friends, and we'll see you later!


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