Time Out

Recently, Dino has developed a new habit.
This new habit occurs when it's time to come in from the big field. No matter what time of day it is, whether it's mealtime or not, whenever Dino comes in from the big field, his buddy Petey thinks it's time for him to come in, too. Petey is a little... codependent. When Petey thinks it's time for him to come in with Dino, he does something dangerous. He enters Dino's personal space bubble. (see diagram A)
Diagram A
 Dino is not a touchy-feely kind of guy when it comes to other horses, and it irks him greatly when Petey comes into his personal space bubble uninvited. But, being the considerate pony he is, Dino does not respond to this assault on his bubble by kicking the ever-loving-poop out of Petey. Oh no! He has recently decided that the best way to deal with this uncomfortable situation is to barge through the gate at approximately 526mph, whether or not he is appropriately dressed with halter and leadrope, and notwithstanding my presence at the gate, thereby effectively squashing me with his large, rotund body.

I do not appreciate being squashed one bit. Squashing does not feel good. In fact, it kind of hurts. And besides, it's rude! Totally. Unacceptable.
Little buddy is SO in time out.


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