The Tables Have Turned

Yesterday, a thing happened.
The thing happened when we went on a trail ride with Rachel and Toby. We walked down the road, trotted through the trees, stomped through the woods, and arrived at the spot where the big field slopes gently upward towards the tree line.  The ground there is firm and smooth, and perfect for cantering and galloping.
Now, YOU MIGHT THINK that when it comes to cantering and galloping, the ex-racehorse will always be faster than the stubby pony. YOU MIGHT THINK THAT.
But you would be wrong. VERY WRONG.
Because yesterday, a thing happened. And that thing was Dino beating the pants off of Toby in the match race of the century.  I didn’t even have to do much aside from float the reins, give him a squeeze, and say ,“Get him!” after which Dino pricked his ears and took off like a small furry rocketship, leaving Toby in the dust. Then I turned around with utmost maturity and grace and made a funny face at Rachel and said something to the effect of, “Nyah nyah nyah we beat youuuu!”
Sweet victory.


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