Scientific Research

After a long period of intense scientific research, which involved quite a lot of long equations, Bunsen burners, and safety goggles, I have come to the conclusion that Spring Is Almost Here. Let me share with you the compelling data:

This was my first observation. Note the extreme depth of the tire track, a telltale sign of Spring.

I then came across this intriguing specimen, and everything began to make sense; it could very well be evidence of an early April Shower. I knew if I could just find one more bit of convincing information to support my theory...

I could prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Spring is, indeed, Almost Here.

The data doesn't lie, people.


  1. i wish i could blog like you haha

  2. Less through scientific research and more through witchcraft and alchemy, I, too, have come to the same conclusion. (I.E. I checked and noticed Friday's forecast)

  3. I love that you documented this with pictures.


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