I have a very interesting and exciting inner thought life.

When Dino and I go out to ride up and down the hills around the farm with the intent of increasing the muscle content of his booty, I like to pretend that I'm an eventer.* I imagine that we are decked out in color-coordinated gear and that I'm wearing a body protector and Dino's legs are all greased up, and we are about to go out and tackle some scary logs, and corners, and stuff.

I do this mostly because riding down hills, outside, next to the road, makes me mildly nervous, and if I was a big bad eventer who LIVES ON ADRENALINE, YEAHHH! I wouldn't be nervous. Dino, who never spooks at anything and likes riding on hills and thinks deer are his friends, thinks I'm a moron.

It's ok. Because in my rich inner thought life, I don't care. Because I'm an eventer. And eventers don't care if their ponies think they're morons, they just want to go out there and gallop down some hills! At least that's what I imagine.

*Disclaimer: I am the furthest thing from an eventer possible. I like jumps that fall down. I refuse to go faster than a walk over any downward sloping terrain. The thought of jumping over a deep ditch terrifies me. And I think skull caps look dumb. Just so you know.


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