A Little Retail Therapy

Sorry/Not Sorry for this creepy image
As I am wont to do when winter seems to drag on too long and I am getting itchy for spring and summer riding, I did some pony-related shopping and splurged on something lovely.

Now, for me a "splurge" constitutes purchasing an item that I actually do have a legitimate need for, but have denied myself for a long period of time. And I usually eventually buy it on sale. I am frugal to a fault.

Since my pony-sized quarter sheet, while nice, didn't quite cover Dino's entire apple bottom, I had been scoping out a replacement for quite a while, and made do with the too-small butt blanket in the meantime.

Earlier this week my local tack shop announced that they were having a President's Day Sale, and that combined with store credit I had from over the holidays meant that I could "splurge" on a new quarter sheet that actually fit!

I bought the best sheet available, and came home with a brand-spankin'-new Rambo Newmarket quarter sheet for a grand total of $30.

And it's AWESOME.

A quarter sheet that legitimately fits under my saddle flaps!? WHAT LUXURY!
It's soooo soft (I want the throw blanket for my living room couch now), the fit is perfect, the quality is way nicer than what I had, and the navy stripe looks really dapper on the EuroPony.

Being this well-dressed is inflating his already-oversized ego...
I feel trendy and like I treated myself to something nice. Hopefully that will be enough to get me through these last few weeks of winter!


  1. What a steal! And dayum he looks fancy!

  2. That is a CUTE quarter sheet! It looks great.

  3. I really like the navy stripes on him!

  4. I do not understand you at all, but that's a damn fine start of a healthy linen collection. Congrats!!

  5. You and I have very similar attitudes on spending lol

  6. Oooo I love it! I'm the same way as you are with "splurges," it's usually stuff I need or have been wanting for a long time and I finally find it on sale.

  7. can't get over how good he looks in that!

  8. He looks so stylish :)


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