Closing Out The Season

We'll be back soon, Flora Lea! And jumping the big jumps!
2015 has been an awesome competition year for Dino and I! It's definitely the fullest show season we've had yet since we've been partners, and also marked our first full season as eventers. I've hauled my rig all over the place, taken lots of lessons, gotten a whole lot of cross-country schooling miles, and had some really powerful learning experiences.

With the help of the confidence boost we received at Burgundy Hollow last weekend, I'm shooting for one more horse trial before we call it quits for the year: Flora Lea Schooling HT on October 11.

We had a very successful outing at Flora Lea in the Elementary division back in June, and I'm pumped to return and tackle the Beginner Novice course in a couple weeks. I absolutely loved the course that we rode there, and still look back on it as our best XC run ever. The casual atmosphere of the schooling show also made for a fun, relaxed day that I'm eager to experience again!

In the meantime, I'll be fitting in as many rides as I can in between rainstorms. We're supposed to get hit with some kind of hurricane weather at the end of this week, and I'm not sure what it's going to do to my normal training schedule. Thankfully, I feel confident and prepared overall, so it's just a matter of maintaining what we have instead of trying to fix glaring issues in the two weeks before our next horse trial.

I'll be continuing to slog away at that darn left lead canter depart, consistent throughness in the trot and canter, and boldness to the fences. While I'd ideally like to have a cross-country outing sometime before the 11th to school water and banks, I think we'll survive if I can't fit it in to the schedule.

Here we go, one more time!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the next adventure! Horses are a constant work in progress :)

  2. You guys will be awesome at Flora Lea!

  3. Ah, it will be cake and you will love it!

  4. You guys slayed this year, I can't wait to see what next season holds for you two!

  5. Good luck at your last event! And what a year for you guys!!

  6. wooooo hoo you guys will be awesome! what a big year for you two :D


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