Let The Countdown Begin!

The cutest. Always. 
Dino and I are officially entered for our first horse trial of the season! AHH!

I have definitely already started having nightmares about forgetting my dressage test and my pony turning into a broken miniature bicycle that I have to scoot around the ring with my feet.

Mabel is the most precious mini-donk ever. This is her and Millie's secret clubhouse.
It's a problem.

We'll be running Elementary at the BCHP next Sunday May 17, and I am equal parts totally pumped and nervous already! I'm hoping that Dino will be mostly shed out (creative clipping may be necessary), that he'll have his Dressage Rockstar hat on, and that we'll remember how to ride a stadium course since we haven't jumped one since, oh, last fall. XC is actually the least of my worries.


Dirty and sleepy, but he was standing perfectly for a confo shot! 
We did some more dressage yesterday, easing up on the lateral work and going back to more basic bending and circle exercises, and lots of transitions. Dino was not too keen on loading that right hind leg, so I found myself using the wide-set hands from our lesson to get him to shape his body properly. Once I got him bent correctly, it was so much easier to move him out on the circle off my right leg, and his whole left side felt much more connected.

So cute it kills me. 
I also worked a bunch on trot/canter transitions, since we really got dinged in our last few tests for sloppy canter departs. Dino really let me know when I was sitting too heavy or didn't give him enough time to balance before the transition! His head would fly up, he'd rush in the trot, and the eventual canter depart would be unbalanced and shuffly. Ew. When I sat lightly and used a following seat, coupled with the teeniest of half-halts before asking for the canter, every depart was spot-on round and forward. I really tried to remember to ride his right side during everything, and it made a big difference in Dino's connection throughout the ride. In the canter, I tried not to mess too much with my right hand, keep a following seat, and support with my leg. Shockingly, the canter was so much nicer when I was able to do that.

I just love how good riding works.

EuroPony will have the weekend off because of family wedding festivities, and I hope to get in a jump school either at home or the horse park sometime next week before the horse trial. In the meantime, I'll be day dreaming about having an awesome event next weekend!


  1. Ahh so exciting! Good luck!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun!! :) :)

  3. Y'all will be amazing! Can't wait to read about it :)

  4. You're going to be awesome and have so much fun! I can't wait to read all about it so take plenty of pictures ;)

  5. yay i'm so excited for you!!! what dressage test are you riding?? izzy and i will (fingers crossed) have our debut in the same division on that same day - i'm already totally pumped too haha.

    1. We're riding BN A - good luck to you and Isabel too!!

  6. Woohoo! Hope the event goes well :)

  7. Woohoo EuroPony! I will be photographing a show that day, so will think very good thoughts for you!


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