The Thankful Post

It's Thanksgiving today.

Let's play a game!

I'm going to make a list of things that make me grouchy, and then find something about each thing that I'm thankful for. Ready... GO!

1. The weather is horrible and I can't ride my pony because my barn does not have an indoor.
  • I'm thankful that the outdoor arena has lights and all-weather footing so that I can still ride most of the winter, anyway!

2. I want to give my friends and family awesome Christmas presents, but I don't have enough money to give what I want to.

  • I have amazing friends and family who don't place my value on how much I spend on them!

3. Sleeping in is not something I get to do. Ever.

  • But, I get to wake up every morning and spend time taking care of horses, which is awesome.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hug your family, hug your friends, hug your critters. 


  1. Good perspective. :) I catch myself when I complain about our deep shifty indoor footing too - at least we have an indoor!

    1. Our outdoor was frozen solid this morning. I am SO jealous of your indoor with deep footing!!


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