Grandpa Dino, World's Best Babysitter

 One of the great things about having an equine partner in the Elder Statesman stage of his life is the absolute trust I have in his sensibility, steady demeanor, and total lack of reactivity to the nonsense of other horses. Dino has always been impeccably behaved in tense situations, but his maturity has really shone lately as he takes on the role of Responsible Adult for our more emotional friends. 

This spring, we've been getting to go out on a lot of trail rides with friends, and Dino has gracefully acted as a pillar of zen for other horses that are amped, spooky, and tense. Trusty Grandpa Dino has been an excellent example and a very good influence. He self-loads on the trailer eagerly every time, and unloads without hysterics. He is not bothered by a windy day, other horses galloping cross country, or even a herd of polo ponies being ponied across a field. When another horse starts to have an emotional meltdown, Dino just waits quietly until it's over with an, "Are we quite finished?" look on his face. He never reacts poorly or feeds into the chaos. 

He is, truly, the perfect babysitter. 

Dino's trustworthiness in all situations makes me so proud, and it delights me to no end to be able to use him to help our horse and human friends gain confidence. 


  1. As someone who has been in baby horse land for a while, this sounds so lovely!

  2. Those kind of horses are worth their weight in gold! <3


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