Ten Year Old Me

Ten year old me didn't even know this view could be possible
If ten year old me could see what her life would be like at 32, she'd be in awe.

Ten year old me wanted to be a vet. She wanted to have lots of horses and lots of dogs and live on a farm in the country. She wanted to write stories. Ten year old me dreamed about being able to ride every day and jump and compete. She wanted farm life to be her life. But that life seemed far, far away. 

Hey, girlfriend. It takes a while, but 22 years later, we're there. 

I may not be a vet, but I work for a team of 5 incredible doctors, and I'm learning and having fun at my job every day while I help horses and their people. 

Great coworkers are a bonus.
I did something I never planned on at ten, and married an amazing man who shares my passion for country life and is, of course, also a dog person. 

Together, we now own a house on 2 acres, and we have 2 dogs, 1 pony, and 4 chickens. (More on the chickens later.)

Livin' the dream with this guy!
Ten year old me would be dumbfounded at what a phenomenal pony I now own, and at all of the things I've done with him. She never could have imagined all of the adventures we've had, from foxhunting to eventing and showing, to tackling rugged trails, to lessons and clinics with top riders. For a ten year old horse-crazy kid who could only dream of what horse ownership and the show ring might be like, my real life at 32 is far beyond what my childhood self could even fathom. 

I'll never get tired of this picture! 10 yer old me wouldn't have ever thought we'd be doing this! 
There are a lot of markers of success in life. I may not be rich, I may not be famous, I may not have an impressive resume or a trophy room full of blue ribbons from national level horse shows, but I've exceeded the wildest dreams of my ten year old self. 

And really, how much more successful can one get?


  1. And isn't that all that really matters? Fulfilling our wildest childhood dreams.

    Love this <3

  2. I reflect like this too, 10 year old me just wanted to ride and now I have that privilege (10 yo me also wanted a dog and I still don't have one >:[ ). YES PLEASE I MUST KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR CHICKENS!

  3. It's so awesome to step back and think, "WOW!" Isn't it? I'm so thankful everyday for my horsey life, and I can tell you are too!
    Also, your chickens are the cutest!

  4. Aw I love this <3 I often think of how my horse life now compares to what I thought was possible or what I dreamed of as a 12yo and it’s surreal. That’s the power of horses I guess! And the power of defining success in a way that is actually meaningful and fulfilling to ourselves personally <3

  5. Just beautiful!!


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