Why Yes, I WILL Have Some Cheese With My Whine

I'm going to give myself a moment here and write a completely self-indulgent, whiny, complaining blog post. Buckle up.

On Saturday morning, I was contemplating sending in an entry for one more schooling dressage show later this month. Even though I haven't been able to ride as much as I want to lately, I wanted to try and fit in one more show this year at First to see if I could apply what I learned during our pilot attempt at the level. The closing date for entries wasn't until the week prior, which gave me some time to see how I felt about it with a few more days of schooling under my belt.

Then I left to go trail ride at Tyler Park with Kim.

Upon pulling out of the farm and getting about a mile or so down the road, it became evident that something was Very, Very Wrong with my dear Miz B. She was struggling, hard, to pull the trailer and all signs pointed to transmission trouble. We turned around and immediately drove back to the farm, where we unloaded the horses and discovered that my truck had zero transmission fluid in it, and also wouldn't go in reverse.


So, we untacked the horses, turned them out, made an emergency transmission fluid run, topped off my truck, found she STILL couldn't go in reverse, unhitched her from the trailer, hitched Kim's truck up, parked the trailer, and then I went home since Michael was leaving to shoot a wedding soon and I didn't want to get stuck on the side of the road somewhere when he wasn't around to help me if needed. (Shout-out to Kim who is a rockstar friend for helping me out!)

After an agonizingly slow drive home, Miz B finally limped into the driveway, a hefty repair bill hot on my heels, and I watched all my hopeful plans for fall shows, lessons, and hunting evaporate in an instant.

Dino is, naturally, not complaining about continuing the pasture puff lifestyle.

But I am definitely throwing myself a very small pity-party about it all. Between this year's abysmal, wet weather, Dino's frequent thrown shoes this spring, his illness a few weeks ago, and just plain running out of time to make the trek to the barn to ride, I feel like this year has been a total wash as far as riding and doing anything fun with the horses. And just to rub a little more salt in the wound, I'm really struggling to heal from the shin splints I sustained in August, making running and racing near impossible, too. I feel like I've lost all of my outlets for outdoor activity and fitness, and it's so very frustrating.

So, I'm going to wallow in my self-indulgent misery for a little bit, and then pick myself up and keep on keepin' on. Because this year's light riding schedule hasn't hurt Dino at all, and in just a few weeks we'll be in a position where I can ride just about every day again. I'll have an indoor arena and the ability to get my pony fit and jumping again over the winter instead of just hoping he keeps his muscling, and once we recover from the truck repair bills, I might even head to a few indoor shows this winter. Things will be looking up soon!


  1. I’m sorry Alli that really really blows :( I hate it when we finally get our ducks all lined up in a row only to be fouled by some crappy external circumstance ugh. Fingers crossed the repair bill is at least marginally reasonable. And hopefully everything starts getting back online after the move!!

  2. blerg that sucks. but new barn is coming, and theres always next year!

  3. Ugh, that really sucks. But you have a great attitude about the whole thing. It's totally ok to take some time to wallow. And with having an indoor this year, you'll be raring to go come spring time!
    I had the summer that wasn't also after Jampy foundered in May. But things are starting to turn around again. They always do!

  4. Girl I so feel you. I was just looking at the calendar last night and with travel for work this fall I have 4 weeks of riding available before Christmas.... So that's going to make getting things done hard.

    I'm going to regroup. Attack 2019 with a vengeance

  5. Girl, I feel your pain. I have had a very similar year with my truck, my own injured body and Scout's mishaps! It's okay to have a whine about it!!!! But 2019, I'm looking at you!

  6. UGH! This has been a weird year FOR SURE. Totally get the frustration - may this winter be tackled by you and Dino with ferocity and you both come out strong in the spring!

  7. Ugh that does suck. This fall has not been going according to plan at all for me either so I will bring some whine to this party too!

  8. Car troubles suck and they always seem to come at the worst time (frankly any car repairs are bad and unwanted lol) You found your own silver lining though! Things will definitely be looking up soon!

  9. If misery loves company, I'm happy to join you. It has been such a yuck year here too. At this point, I've basically thrown my hands up and said, "whatever" and poured wine. So cheers friend.

  10. When it rains, it pours :-( But like you said, this too shall pass <3 <3 <3


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