Start Box Siren Song

The frantic pace of last year’s competition season being what it was, part of me is happy to be spending 2018 doing a whole lot less traveling, training, and competing. But another, increasingly louder part of me really misses eventing. As I see my friends’ photos and videos from horse trials pop up on social media and listen to them retell the stories of their competition days, I’ve started to feel a particular itch. I’ve started to long for the kind of rush only a cross country run can provide and for the sweet relief of crossing the finish line with a pony still between me and the ground. 
And when I decided to spend my Monday evening ride this week doing hill work around our property and popping over my little XC coop a few times, I couldn’t help but hear that siren song of the start box in my mind, that familiar ring of “…3, 2, 1, have a great ride!” that reminded me how much fun and excitement I’ve been missing this year. 
I can’t help but think that Dino heard it too, the way he shot off the ground like a rocket at the base of the coop and dug in to gallop the rest of the way up the hill afterwards, strutting like he’d just won Rolex as I walked him back down. 
I still don’t know if a horse trial will be in the cards for us this year, but I’m feeling the gnawing longing to get back out there again.


  1. When I'm not showing, this is about the time of the year I really start to itch for it too.

  2. I was at a horse trials last weekend and seriously wishing I was riding :) I see some jump schooling in my future too! Have FUN!

  3. you must do one so i can live it through you:) And nothing is greater than that finish and start you are right :)

  4. I feel you here. I mean, I'm too much of a weenie to event, but I miss horse showing a ton. Hopefully we'll both be back at it soon!

  5. I hoped I'd get to go to a few shows this year, and sadly it looks like just the one will be on my roster. I'm feeling the call myself!

  6. I totally get this feel, that horse show itch is strong.


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