Old Dogs

Mandy is one of the sweetest old souls you'll ever meet
In addition to my 'day job' in real estate,  I also walk dogs and pet-sit part time. It gets me out of the house/office, keeps me from being bored, and let's be real - it's beyond awesome to get paid to play with dogs!

I have been honored to care for several senior dogs this past year, and have been spending quite a lot of time in awe of the amazing treasures that these creatures are.

There is nothing like an old dog.

It seems that as a dog ages, their soul starts to glow brighter, peeking out from inside their declining body. Their mannerisms mellow, their energy levels start to wane, and age only seems to clarify the true beauty and pure, unconditional love that is a dog's essence.

I love when Abbey comes to stay!
An old dog is a gift of immeasurable worth.

My man, Archer.
An old dog knows what's important in life. Namely, Love, Friendship, and a good nap in a sunbeam.

Darling Barley, at age 15!
Old dogs are unapologetic. An old dog does not care if he isn't quite as spry as he used to be, or if he can't see or smell quite as well as he used to as a pup.

Dear Josie, what a face!

An old dog is who she is, and that's honest and bright and bursting with love.

Sadie just wants to snuggle. RIGHT NOW.
I cherish every moment I get to spend with these dear beings. For me, spending time with an old dog is like seeing the embodiment of True Love.

Being around old dogs is an experience I will never turn down. To be near to such soul-level beauty is a privilege I am honored to have.

Yeungling's Happy Face!



  1. Awww <3 I love old pups too, those happy little grey faces melt my heart.

  2. i always adopt the older dogs :) I have an older schnauzer behind me now in her dog bed (She has one in every room of the house LOL) that they found trotting down the street a year and half ago. Yep she came home with me, no history no idea of age but we don't worry about that! She loves life and i keep thinking if i could i would clone ten of her. LOVE OLD DOGS :) thanks for the post it made me smile. PS I wish you were closer to babysit mine :)

  3. I love old dogs. (But they also make me sad, because they don't live forever.) In my adult life, I would like to foster old dogs.

  4. I love dog sitting! I've had to stop now that I have my own little farm but man I miss some favorites :( Although there was one old dog that I hated house sitting for, he was on the verge of death and I was paranoid 24/7


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