Blogger Secret Santa!

Max "helped"
I arrived home from a very long day of travel late on Wednesday night to the delightful surprise of a gift from my Blogger Secret Santa!

Amanda of The $900 Facebook Pony was my gift-giver, and guys, she hit it out of the park. It was especially fun to receive a box from her since we've met in person a few times, and I could "put a face to the blogger" so to speak! She also has great taste in everything.

So exciting!
I started like a reasonable adult and opened the card first.

We can agree: Best. Card. Ever.
On the top of this Box of Awesome was an ADORABLE hat! It made me giggle, and then I giggled again several minutes later when I noticed the slogan on the back. Hats are an essential part of my daily barn wardrobe, so this will definitely get a lot of use!

Also tucked in the box were a pair of precious socks with FOXES on them, and a bag of Dino-safe treats made of alfalfa! He will be so excited about these things, and I love that Amanda has found another brand of treats that are safe to give and have no molasses or sugar.

There was STILL another part to the gift! (girl, you out-did yourself)

It was at this point that I started crying. The ornament from Hamer & Clay is beautiful beyond belief, and was modeled after my favorite photo of all time. Every detail of my pony is perfect; his face and tail especially blew me away. I just can't get over it!

Prancing away through the Christmas tree!
THANK YOU, Amanda, for the incredible gifts! I LOVE everything you sent, and it was all so very thoughtful. And thank you Tracy for organizing this wonderful exchange once again. I had a blast both giving and receiving this year!

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  1. Ahhh! I love the hat, and of course the ornament is just... amazing. I love my Hamer & Clay Miles, and I'm hoping to get a few more next year of my heart horse, Moiya and the pups!

  2. I wish I had bought more of those hats, they're all really cute (it's from Gray & Co Designs)!


    and i already bugged out on your insta about the ornament so i wont repeat myself.

  4. i just can't get over how perfect everything about this gift is! that hat is everything haha, and Dino's tail in the ornament just makes my cold little heart smile!!! #nailedit

    1. Have to admit I cheered a little when I got Alli... she was pretty easy! ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, that ornament is too perfect! She really does amazing work. And the rest of that gift is also pretty fantastic.

  6. and here i thought the900fbpony was SUCH a grinch :) Great job and i love the hat and the ornament. Oh shit i love it all :) Great presents!! And I cant figure out if Max is cuter as Dino or not. They are both stinking cute!! Enjoy!

  7. Ah! Everyone has done such an amazing job with the gift exchange! That ornament is gorgeous and such a great depiction of you and Dino!


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