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Since our hunting debut last week, Dino got several days off while I was away for the long weekend, and this week we've just been plugging away at the boring, every-day stuff of trying to get a little bit better. I've also been swamped at work (Anyone want to buy a REEEEEALLY nice horse farm in PA? We just listed 2!) and have taken on a bunch of extra dogs to walk since the girl I walk for has been away on vacation.

So, it's been busy to say the least.

We jumped around a bit one day, as much as our very dry footing would allow, and Dino was a champ. He was feeling pretty lazy since it was his second day in a row in the ring at home, and I was exhausted and not helping the situation. Even so, he took every fence without question, even if he was going so slow that he put in a chip at the last second about 25% of the time. My brain was awesome, and I never once thought about not jumping something. Win! As much as I could, I worked on finding the forward, self-sustaining, uphill canter that makes jumping oh-so-easy.

On the flat, I've been focusing on getting Dino softer over his back and really through and stepping into the bridle, instead of hiding just behind the bit. He's been almost TOO soft in the contact lately, so the dressage has featured a lot of stretchy work and a concentration on straightness. Once EuroPony gets his body straight, it's WAY easier for him to go in a more connected, through fashion. When Dino starts to feel like he could go down for a good, connected stretch at any moment, that's when I know we've hit the sweet spot.

His neck is so great.
We also got to play around in the indoor on Thursday afternoon, which was a nice change! It was great to school on good footing in a flat area instead of having to dressage around on uneven ground with slick, dry grass. Dino was only a little bit snotty about the whole thing, and overall very well behaved. We worked on LOTS of transitions, and I had him really stepping up and lifting his withers from walk to trot near the end of the ride. He also did REALLY well in the right lead canter, with a lot more softness over his back and reaching for my hand than usual. Our one attempt at counter-canter was... not pretty. But I haven't schooled that all summer since the loss of my favorite spot to the corn, so I can't be too upset about it.

I even picked up a new catch ride! My fellow boarder is going to be unable to ride as much as usual during October, and asked me to ride her horse on the days she can't get out to the barn. I am delighted to get to ride this very sweet, very giant baby horse. He's got a great brain, and is a FABULOUS jumper, but needs some more education on the flat. I'm hoping to help him figure out where all his parts go, and learn something myself in the process!

Next on the agenda for Team PONY'TUDE are more lessons, more hunting, and maybe even a horse show or two.


  1. Lots of fun things on the agenda! :) I wish I could buy a horse farm... in PA or anywhere haha

  2. That is a lot on your plate. I love the 'little bit better' work. :)


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