Lazy Summer Weekend

"Treat man. You will give me the treats now."
By Pennsylvania standards, it's been pretty hot lately. 

When the temperatures are in the 90's with high humidity, doing any kind of intense physical activity outside is not high on my list of fun things to do, and Dino agrees. 

Unamused by his new turnout getup.
So on Friday after his farrier appointment, Dino got a short lunging session in the chambon. He was pretty sure he was going to die in the heat, and I was a little worried about him as I drug him out to the jump field to lunge, but as soon as I clipped the chambon to his bit the little stinker took off in a trot. 

The canter left a bit to be desired, but Dino produced some great walk and trot work on the lunge. 

I think he's got the stretchy trot thing under control. 

Loving the inside hock action!

Weird angle, but he's going so nicely

On Saturday I gave WonderPony the day off and did a whole lot of nothing at home in the AC. It was freakin' hot. 

Sunday found me at the barn in shorts, planning to take some photos of how the saddle is sitting on Dino's back after a month and a half of riding in the shim pad. It seems that he's developing more muscle on the left side of his back; you can see the saddle sits unevenly now with the shims! I sent the photos to our bodyworker, and she told me I could take out a layer of padding. Hooray! 

The only time a crooked saddle is exciting!
Somehow that barn trip morphed into climbing on my trusty pony bareback with the western bridle on, and moseying around the farm to pick blackberries with my husband. It really wasn't a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon at the farm. 

My hopes for a ride tonight may be dashed by an oncoming thunderstorm, which should have an interesting result, considering I've signed us up for a schooling dressage show tomorrow evening. 




  1. I agree with you and Dino on the heat. The humidity isn't bad here but I'm still feeling the NOPE. But hey its ok. I've got no shows coming anytime until next year

  2. So awesome that the saddle fit is already improved so much! Also I think your bareback berry picking adventures sound basically blissful :)

  3. It's really hot here too! Breathing makes you sweat...


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