In Which Dino Gets His Way

Someone is looking AWFULLY smug...
After our horrendous attempt at riding inside on Saturday, on Sunday I knew we had to get OUT and GO as much as the footing would allow. Thankfully the footing at home is getting drier every day, and we could hit the fields for some easy conditioning hillwork!

It was, apparently, exactly what Dino wanted to do. He was completely perfectly behaved the entire time, and in an absolutely fantastic mood. Perky, forward, and quite happy to power-trot around the field.

In some of the drier, uphill sections of the field I asked for a canter and got it instantly. Dino stepped up the pace when I relaxed my elbows, happily snorting with every stride. During our second loop around, I asked for the canter and Dino loped off as good ponies should.

And then he started going faster.

And faster.

And I felt more and more weight in my hands as he all but charged up the hill at top speed! It took some strong half-halts to get his wild self to slow down and walk across our neighbor's paved driveway!

While part of me was frustrated that Saturday's ride was so difficult in comparison to our hack on Sunday, I couldn't help but break into a smile as Dino took off with me up the hill.

He's a funny, complicated creature, he wants what he wants, and I'm certainly never bored with him around.


  1. I'm looking forward to incorporating some hill work this week! Our big hilly field is finally dry and someone needs to work his booty.

  2. I think that is the smuggest face I have ever seen. He demands XC and NOW. GALLOP LIKE A WILD STALLION, he says.

  3. I. Love. That. Picture. Haha, what a great capture. And sounds like it wasn't the worst way to have your horse get his way -- it's always a good rider confidence & partnership sign when they can grin when pony decides IMMA WILD MUSTANG RACEHORSE!! :D


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