Walk It Out

The theme of my rides over the past week or so has been hacking, hacking, and more hacking!

Ground conditions have not been suitable for much else, so Dino and I have been taking a lot of long walks, both by ourselves and with friends. It seems to be serving its intended purpose of keeping Dino relatively fit, since his butt still looks like this about a month into our winter let-down:

still so round!
Having access to endless hills is making a huge difference in maintaining EuroPony's fitness this winter. Even though we can't to much else besides walk, getting out and walking hills for 30 minutes every day is doing a beautiful job of keeping his topline intact. Plus, he seems to really enjoy it and has been coming up from the pasture to greet me when I arrive at the barn lately.

I did, however, get to fit in a short dressage ride the other day. The footing in our little dressage court was ok enough for some walk and trot work, so I took advantage of the fleeting conditions to do something other than walk up and down hills.

Dino was really great! It's so reassuring to hop on and ask for correct flatwork, and have him perform like we never took a break. My position is definitely slipping a bit, but the EuroPony was enthusiastic about his work, light in the bridle, and happy to do what I asked. I let him canter once down each long side, and he was PUMPED about that! I wish I could have let him really rip, but the ground was just too wet to do any more than that without risk of slipping.

On this week's agenda: MORE WALKING.


  1. Oh jealous of the hills! They can be a game changer.

  2. When I first built my farm my arena was on an incline. It made trying to teach a young horse to jump kind of near impossible, but in the winter months, it kept my horses SO FIT since they also turn out in there. I've since had it leveled, so now they're just fat and weak like me. Ugh. I miss summer.

  3. gotta love a good round pony butt! lol ;)

  4. I really wish mine would stay sane enough with just walking when it's too wet for anything else. We had a walk ride on Saturday just to move around and I almost died a few times. Those hills might help if we had any though!

  5. Hills are a wonderful thing for pony bums! :)


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