Body Clipping, Trail Riding, and Other Weekend Fun

D-Money shows off his sweet new haircut

The past few days seem like they've been a total whirlwind! I've been riding, and working, and body clipping, and recently started dog-walking part time. Peaceful moments to sit and collect my thoughts for a blog post have not been plentiful! 

This weekend all of the Orchard Hill dudes got their fall body clips done. I did Dino on Friday afternoon, and true to form he was a complete angel during the entire process and I was able to touch up his face without having to put a halter back on him and restrain him at all. I went with this simple diagonal line sort of extended-chaser-clip design this year. So far I like it, but I may take more off around his flanks and buttcheeks if it stays warmish much longer. 

"I am very stylish, yes? Snacks now?"
On Saturday morning I clipped Sully for his mom, and he got last year's Swoopy Trace clip. He was, overall, a VERY good boy but got pretty upset once the clippers started to get warm, and we never did manage to trim those ear fuzzies! 

So shiny! Love how a black horse looks clipped. That coat hides so many sins! 
After stripping off our horse-hair-covered top layers, Sully's mom and I headed out to the state park for a very long-overdue trail ride! It was totally gorgeous, and horses and humans alike had a wonderful time!

We had a lot of relaxed walking interspersed with energetic trots and a few fun gallops. Dino never fails to impress me on the trail. A few times we found ourselves having to navigate some really technical, rocky, steep trails. We're talking a couple feet wide, entirely covered in rocks, and basically straight down, except where the paths made sharp hairpin turns. I leaned back, grabbed the back of my saddle, and floated Dino the reins. He carefully picked his way through the insanely technical terrain without so much as one misstep or balky moment. This pony is amazing! He floors me with his grace and sensibility every time out.

On Sunday Dino had the day off, and then Monday evening we had a lovely sunset dressage ride in the field. There were some great moments (the walk, right lead canter) and some not so great moments (left lead canter, blasting around in trot and not listening). I think our next dressage ride will need to be within the confines of a fence to back EuroPony off a bit and help keep him from motoring around at top speed with his haunches to the outside. (WHAT?! DID YOU EVER THINK I'D SAY THAT?!)

But today... today is cross-country schooling day! Our goal is to Jump All The Things The First Time.   Hopefully Dino has since gotten over whatever brain-eating bug was afflicting him at Flora Lea!


  1. Gorgeous views between those ears!

  2. Those views are SO PRETTY! Good luck today :)

  3. ooooooh how did i not know you were schooling today?!? can't wait to hear about it!!!!


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