Translating Straightness Into Power

Adorable EuroPony!
Thanks to my awesome trainer, and Dressage Queen bloggers extraordinaire Austen and Megan, in the past year or so I've learned a LOT about dressage, and have gained a better understanding of the finer points of the discipline. It seems there's ALWAYS something new to learn! I've been soaking up every little bit of knowledge I can, and applying it to my daily riding.

My dedicated study really showed itself in an awesome moment during yesterday's ride. I had planned a low-key flat ride - just some transitions and practicing different gears in the canter to keep Dino going but ease him into vacation mode for next week.

Straightness has been on my mind lately, from my last lesson (way too long ago!) to the DOC clinic, the importance of keeping the horse straight has been mentioned a lot. I've been taking note of the fact that when Dino's haunches are in line with the rest of him, he has a lot more balance and carrying power. So when working in the walk, I was trying to remain aware of Dino's straightness, as well as the straightness of my own position.

And the result was literally THE BEST WALK I have ever ridden in my life.

Dino really 'stood up' in the walk for the first time, he was the straightest I've ever felt, and his body was so connected  - from his hind feet all the way to his nose. I could really feel the power that comes from a very straight horse, and I felt like from that position, we could do anything.

It all fell apart in the trot, but for one shining glorious moment in the walk, I felt like I was sitting on a Grand Prix dressage pony.

And it was pretty cool.


  1. I live for those moments. I dream of someday stringing them together.

  2. i think i would fall down and die of shock if isabel ever stood up that straight haha

  3. It's all about those moments! They make the hard work worth it :)

  4. Excellent!! I love the feeling of straightness, it's so rare these days on the baby but I was riding another horse today and felt her sit down within straightness and it was amaaazing. Definitely an addicting feeling.


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