Weigh-In Wednesday: Surviving Vacation

You left me for 10 days. Snacks. In my mouth. NOW. 
Dino is actually sort of maintaining his topline despite his extended winter vacation. He's also starting to shed a bit, which, when you're the owner of a Cushing's pony, is the most exciting thing ever!

But, that's not why we're here. We're here to see just how well I kept up with my nutrition and fitness plan while gallivanting around Florida.

Overall? I wouldn't call my vacation a complete fail in the diet and exercise department. I'd call it a solid MEH in both areas.

Delicious, Delicious Food 
I could have been way, WAY worse food-wise on this trip. Between having to eat on the road, to the insane variety of sugary and fried foods available in theme parks, there was the potential to go crazy off-course and eat really badly. While I did indulge in things like ice cream and fries a few times during the trip, and definitely ate way more carbs than I had been eating at home, I did not take every single opportunity available to eat scrumptious junk food. I chose to drink water or unsweetened tea with most meals, and didn't go overboard on the adult beverages. Now that I'm back home, I'm back to more regular eating habits.

Work it
While I was not super awesome at doing a workout every day (our hotel ended up being a lot more 'basic' than expected and had no gym!) we did a LOT of walking. We're talking 6+ hours per day of pretty solid walking. I did do a few of the Athletic Rider workouts in the mornings, but my desire for sleep got the best of me for most of the trip. So while I didn't get in many bodyweight exercises, I did walk. A lot. Back in PA I've returned to my usual routine of stall cleaning, hay bale lifting, water bucket lugging, and daily workouts.

How is everyone else doing on their fitness journey? I hope to post a few more recipes soon as well!


  1. Dino's looking great! sometimes i think the worst part about falling out of the habit for a short bit (like a vacation) is trying to get back into it a bit. if you're already back in the usual routine then you're probably doin pretty good :)

    1. Thanks! I was a little nervous about what I'd find under his blanket, hah!

  2. Doing very well at eating dinner, but lunch and breakfast are a bit struggle bus for me. Good for you for staying on track during your vacation!

    1. Little steps! I often eat leftovers of my healthy dinners for lunch, so I kill two meals with one stone! It's great that we all have the support of other bloggers as we try to make changes. :)

  3. I'm still struggling with the workout motivation... but counting calories has really helped me eat less and make better choices. It's a process for sure


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