Why I Love My Car Insurance Company

You may remember that I got into a nasty car accident over the summer, totaling my poor little Nissan. My insurance company was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole ordeal, and gave us enough money to buy a new car, do some minor repairs on it, and get it registered and inspected. The person we worked with during the process was SO good, answered all our questions, and kept on top of everything. I was really, really impressed with how easy she made such a stressful situation.

But that was back in June, and once everything was settled, I put it out of my mind.

Until a couple months ago in October when we got a surprise check in the mail - our insurance company had finally gotten the other guy's company to pay our deductible since he was at fault, and sent us a rather large, very unexpected check!

Since my long-suffering 10 year old tall boots had finally given up the ghost at the last horse trial, I immediately earmarked a portion of the money for new boots.

I trekked up to Horsemen's Outlet in New Jersey to try on some boots, and ended up falling in love with the DeNiro Salento boots. As soon as the saleslady zipped them up over my legs, everyone in attendance just said, "WOW." They honest-to-goodness fit like they were custom made for me, and were the nicest, best-fitting boots I have ever put on. The Salentos were a bit more than I originally wanted to spend, but the quality and fit were really beyond compare, and since I take good care of my stuff, these should last a long, long time. In a time when the trend is towards super-soft calfskin leather for everything, I was really impressed with the thick, durable-feeling leather of the Salentos. I expect these boots to last at LEAST 10 or 15 years!

Since Horsemen's didn't have the dress boot in stock (I had tried on the field boots for size), they very kindly ordered them for me, and I FINALLY picked them up yesterday!

Merry Christmas to me!

I'm in love and I have never ever owned boots this nice in my life... Can't wait to break these bad boys in!


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