Wherein We Don't Do Much

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I opted NOT to work as much as possible, and it ended up being a really fantastic mental break.

a cold, snowy stroll
After our fantastic lesson last week, it snowed, and then it was Thanksgiving, and then our footing was frozen and icy, and then on Saturday morning I just HAD to ride, so Dino and I bundled up and headed down the road. Thankfully my awesome farrier had just put his snow pads on a few days before, so we were ready to roll.

Despite it being a frosty 20 degrees or so, we had a really pleasant ride. It was quiet, all the fields were covered in snow, and we were semi-productive in our marching walk up and down the snowy hills. By the end of it I couldn't feel my face or toes, but I was glad that I convinced myself to climb aboard and go for a hack.

I was hoping to ride last night after chores, but the footing was super sketchy even though we'd had warm-ish weather all day. The top inch or so was soft and wet, but you could feel that the base was hard as a rock, so I opted to play it safe and not ride. Hopefully I'll be back in the tack today to work on our homework! In the meantime... lots of house cleaning to get ready to decorate for CHRISTMAS!!


  1. yay for productive hacks! hopefully the weather improves a bit for your next rides!


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