Well-Horse Resin Update

Since a bunch of you expressed interest in seeing how this magic hippie juice works, I've got some pictures for you! After 2 days of consecutive application, this is what we've got:

This is after a thorough wash with water (the instructions say not to use soap to clean the area before application). Note that the dark areas are NOT bloody scabs, but instead are places where the fungus is the most stubborn and the Well-Horse Resin just didn't wash off. It seems to stick to the areas that need it, and wash easily off of healthy skin. 

I don't know how this stuff "knows" where to stick, but it does, and it's kind of cool. 

In the second photo, you'll notice HAIR has grown in over the large patches of bare skin. A couple days ago this area was the ugliest of them all - very raw and tender, and not a hair in sight. The new hairs are just about full length in a really short time! Color me impressed so far. 

And here's what the leg looks like after a fresh application of Well-Horse:

Doesn't that look horrible!? I absolutely HATE that it looks like blood, but, if it's going to kick this scratches once and for all, I'll deal with it. 

treats. mouf. now. 


  1. my boy used to have horrible scratches! I will keep this in mind if they pop up again.. thanks for taking the time to chronicle it.

  2. yea i would 100% freak out if a horse looked like that straight out of the field and i didn't know lol... but scratches are awful and gnarly and pretty much the worst ever. hope this stuff does that trick!!


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