Our Own Personal Water Complex

Before diving into today's post, thanks everyone for your comments on yesterday's deep topic of discussion. I loved reading everyone's thoughts and input, and hope that it gave you some food for thought! That being said...

If you've been in or around the northeast portion of the United States lately... you've been wet.

Very wet.

Soaked to the bone wet.

Yesterday afternoon it FINALLY stopped raining, so I hopped aboard my mighty steed.

The arena was pretty much 50% flooded, so what a great chance to work on our water complex skillz!

Staying positive, here.

Dino has never been a huge fan of water, and even after our successful school in the horse park water complex this fall, he's still preeeeetty sure that pony-eating hippopotomi might lurk beneath the surface. Thus, he got marched through All The Puddles yesterday.

After the first couple snorty-face moments, D did great with the water and obediently went through every puddle I pointed him at. He didn't like it, but he did it, and I was proud.

My own equitation wasn't quite up to par last night; I found myself falling into my hunter-perch a little too often than I would have liked. But Dino put forth a great effort, and his trot and canter were actually a lot more elevated in front when we zoomed through the water.

We also worked more on the trot poles, and as he got a little tired towards the end of the ride, Dino started falling on his forehand and just speeding through the poles. Using your butt is hard, Dino says. Naughty pony. So I took a break from the poles for a bit and worked on some trot/halt transitions and shoulder-in to get him back on his butt.

All-in-all it was a very productive ride, and I'm happy I got to ride at all with this horrendous weather we've been having!


  1. Hunter perch is my best friend and my worst enemy. Glad you go to ride!

    1. Agreed! Love my hunt seat though I do get hasseled for it by dear coach.
      Congrats on the water achievements! This seems to be a problem for many horses. Mine included.

  2. ooh will be curious to hear if Dino feels a bit more schooled on the water next time you face a 'real' complex! every time i ride through puddles (or that one time when we lessoned in a totally soaked arena) i think "now isabel will have to be better next time" ... and nope. princess does not like it.... sigh.

  3. Henry isn't a fan of water either- but he will play in it if turned out with puddles oye!

  4. schooling through puddles is so fun when you get more uphill movement like that :-)


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