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It's no secret that I love learning, and I know a lot of you do, too! Whether it's lessons, clinics, getting help from knowledgable friends, watching videos online, or reading training articles, I'm always looking for things to help me improve as a rider.

Unfortunately, the budget doesn't allow me to go into full training with, say, Boyd Martin at this point in my life. Or even full training with my own lovely, wonderful, affordable trainer! So what's a knowledge-hungry rider to do?

Enter Olympian and all-around badass jumper rider and trainer Anne Kursinski.

This lady is basically a legend, and in addition to being a disgustingly talented rider and trainer (I want to hate her, but I just stand in awe), she's also an INCREDIBLE teacher.

She's offering up a series of short online videos detailing different jumping exercises that come right to your email inbox, FOR FREE.

That's right.

A mini-lesson from a BNT with absolutely no cost to you.

I'm loving the videos so far. All of the exercises are done over low cavaletti, and are simple but powerful tools to reinforce the important basics we all need to jump well. They're things that I can set up and practice at home on my own, which is fabulous.

To sign up for the mailing list and start learning, head over to Anne's website: https://www.annekursinski.com

You won't regret it!


  1. Very cool idea! Anne K is very much a rider to be respected, but I also keep thinking about many of her FB rants. Don't know if you follow her on FB, but it can get a tad interesting ;)

  2. Oh Fuuuu... yeah I am signing up!! Thanks for this. I really want to clinic with AK!

  3. Very cool. I personally love her fb rants.

  4. thanks for sharing - i am signed up :D

  5. I even love AK from a dressage standpoint! Awesome heads up!

  6. Love her! Her facebook rants are great.


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