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Ahhh, Christmastime. The twinkling lights, the peppermint-flavored-everything, the happy music, the gift-giving... I love it! It's also the time of year wherein I peddle my wares on the blogosphere.

My new saddle purchase has prompted me to clean out the ol' tack trunk, and attempt to replenish the large hole in my bank account. Without further ado, below is a list of items that I would like to get rid of in exchange for some cold, hard cash:

My trusty Pessoa GenX:

While it no longer suits my needs, I truly do love this saddle. It's a 17", wide tree close-contact saddle with lovely squishy knee pads and a just-enough pencil knee roll. It enjoys hunters, jumpers, and equitation, and has dabbled in dressage and cross-country.

Best suited for a broad, low-withered stock horse type, this saddle can also be padded up to fit many horses acceptably. I bought it back in the days when I was doing a lot of catch-riding and riding loads of different lesson horses, and with an arsenal of half pads it did a fine job.

The GenX is well-balanced, comfortable, and classy-looking. You can check out the Ebay auction, or get in touch with me if you're interested!

Next up is an assortment of saddle pads and a girth:

This is a Beval shaped fleece pad with quilted cotton underside. It has a slightly built-up cantle area, and is in all-around good used shape. It fits 16.5"-17" saddles without too much of a forward flap. I'll part with it for $15, shipping included. A STEAL!

This pad is the true cream of the crop. Used ONCE, (and freshly washed) it's in practically-new condition. A puffy fleece & cotton quilt half pad that adds a nice layer of fluff, with a wither cutout for your horse's comfort. Snag this baby for $30, shipped!

And last but not least, an old-school classic: this BT Crump leather girth. Elastic on one side, 44", solid stitching, no cracking in the leather, and quality hardware. I'd keep it if Dino wasn't such a princess about his girths. YOURS for only $30 - shipping included! I'd also trade for a 22" or 24" synthetic dressage girth if that's your game.

Please comment, email, or send carrier pigeon if you are interested in acquiring any of these fabulous items. I take good care of my stuff, so it's all clean and in good repair. I wouldn't sell you anything I wouldn't want to use myself!

And that Barnsby saddle is still kicking around if you want that, too...


  1. What kind of synthetic dressage girth, I have two and am in need of said girth you are selling :D

    1. You don't say! Cotton, fleece, neoprene... whatever, really as long as it's relatively soft. And short. Email me: ponylovealk (at) gmail . com and we can work something out!


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