Ten Questions

Ten Questions from L (Viva Carlos) to give y'all something to read until the photos from yesterday evening's ride/photo shoot are edited and ready to roll...

1. Is your horse spooky or bombproof? Totally 100% bombproof. I could probably literally set off a bomb near him and he'd just kind of jump in place like, "Oh that was loud!" I love, love, love having such a sensible pony.

I just want to know... is it eatable?

2. Does your horse have a long or short stride? Very long for his size. He's kind of a freak. Just marches down the show-hunter lines set for the 'big' horses.

3. Describe your current barn in 3 words: Relaxed, comfortable, friendly

4. If you could switch barns, would you? Only if it meant I was moving my pony to my house!

5. Favorite brand of breeches? Ariat

6. How many blue ribbons do you have? I started going to horse shows when i was 10 years old... so... a bunch. I don't keep track of these things.

7. How many saddle pads do you own? Heh. This one is funny. I own 9 square AP pads, 1 shaped fleece pad, 1 neoprene western pad, and 3 half pads. For one pony. I think I have a problem.

Saddle pads, dog bed, same thing. 
8. Is your horse your phone background/lock screen? No. Does this make me a bad pony mom?

9. Do you go trail riding often? I TRY to get out of the ring at least once a week and hack down the road, but it doesn't always happen. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, etc. etc.

10. Favorite horsey movie? This one is a tie between National Velvet and Black Beauty. Both make me cry.


  1. That's what I want a pony with a horse stride :)

  2. Awwww, that picture of him is just so cute!! My pony is also sensibly calm and not spooky. After my last horse I refused to buy a spooky horse again.


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