Viva Carlos Magical Blog Hop: Appreciating What You Have

I never get sick of this chubby unicorn.

L has done it again with another fantastic Blog Hop idea!

Let's take a moment to appreciate the Pros of our current ponies, whether you own them or just ride them in lessons. 

There is SO much I love about Dino.

He is completely unflappable, I call him the Unspookable Pony. Wind, scary flappy things, other horses having a freakout, deer, dogs, baby strollers, small children, lawnmowers, ladders, hotrods, balloons... you name it, D is not afraid of it. I attribute his fearlessness to his Pony Brain, and the fact that he's a thinker, not a reactor.

He lets me do ridiculous things with him. Riding him bareback with a rope around his neck, skijoring, western, trail rides, long lining, sliding off his butt, riding him to and from his turnout field, and whatever other probably-stupid idea I can come up with. He's game for anything. And I never have to worry about him misbehaving for the farrier, vet, clipping, bathing, trailering, fly spray, etc. Or running around like a loon in turnout when the footing is bad. Dino is so incredibly sensible it blows my mind.

He's freakin' CUTE.

He's complicated. I would get bored pretty quickly with a more straight-forward, pushbutton horse. Dino's personality keeps me on my toes, keeps me thinking, and keeps me learning and growing.

He's like a mini warmblood. All the nice movement in a tiny package. His size makes me comfortable and confident, and there are so many ways that a pony is a million times easier to own and ride than a big horse!

He's my best friend. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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  1. Love it! He's definitely a cute little guy!

  2. Dino is so cute. I plan on doing your hop just gotta get pics of my car :)

  3. I second all the Dino is cute comments! Gotta <3 the ponies!

  4. He is freakin' CUTE!!!!!! I sooo wish I were short enough to ride ponies! Love them!

  5. And he uses his cuteness to get away with everything... :-P


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