PSA: Rasp Safety

If you are a horse owner, you may also be the owner of a hoof rasp.

You may, on occaison, use your hoof rasp to file away a chip in your horse's hoof, or to keep the edges of the hooves nice and neat and rounded in between farrier visits.

You are, most likely, aware that hoof rasps are sharp. Much like a cheese grater on steroids.

When using your hoof rasp, you probably take safety precautions. You probably wear heavy gloves, and pay careful attention to the location of the hand that is not holding the rasp.

You probably do not need me to tell you that rasping a horse's hooves without gloves on is a poor life choice, and may very well result in the (painful) removal of most of the skin on your knuckles, and a puddle of blood on the barn floor that is awkward to explain to the person who finds it when they come to clean stalls.

But you knew that, and that's why you wear gloves each and every time you use a rasp.

This has been a PONY'TUDE Public Service Announcement.


  1. I'm guessing the band aid you were wearing that I forgot to ask you about is a result of this?


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